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Your Comprehensive Buying Guide to Photo Frames & Albums on Kelkoo

In the world of photography, nothing enhances a captured memory like a beautiful photo frame or album. Whether you're showcasing your cherished moments or gifting someone a special memento, selecting the perfect frame or album is essential. This comprehensive buying guide will help you navigate the vast selection of Photo Frames & Albums available on Kelkoo, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Types of Frames and Albums:

  • Digital Frames: Perfect for tech-savvy individuals, digital frames allow you to display a slideshow of images. Brands like Nixplay and Pix-Star offer high-resolution screens and WiFi connectivity, allowing you to update your photo display remotely.
  • Collage Frames: Ideal for displaying multiple photos at once, collage frames create a visual narrative. Umbra's collage frames are particularly popular, with their innovative designs and high-quality materials.
  • Single Photo Frames: Traditional and versatile, single photo frames highlight individual photos. Top brands like Vera Wang for Wedgwood and John Lewis offer elegant designs in a variety of materials.
  • Albums: Photo albums are the classic way to store and display photos. They come in various sizes, designs, and capacities. Hama and Pioneer Photo Albums are renowned for their durable and stylish products.

Materials Used in Frames:

  • Wood: Frames made of wood, such as those from Nielsen, offer a classic and warm aesthetic. However, they can be susceptible to warping over time.
  • Metal: Metal frames, like those from Carrs Silver, offer a sleek and modern look. They are durable but can be heavier than other options.
  • Glass: Glass frames, such as those from Kate Spade, provide a clean and elegant display but are fragile.
  • Plastic: Affordable and lightweight, plastic frames, like those from IKEA, are a practical choice. They may lack the premium feel of other materials.

Understanding Size and Shape:

Standard UK photo sizes include 6x4, 7x5, and 10x8 inches. Frames and albums are designed to fit these sizes, but it's always wise to double-check. Unique shapes, like heart or novelty frames from Sass & Belle, can add a fun twist to your photo display.

Aesthetic Appeal:

From vintage to modern, there's a frame or album to suit every style. Monochrome frames, like those from Black Box, offer a timeless appeal, while vibrant frames from Present Time can add a pop of colour to your decor.

Picture Protection:

Look for features like UV-resistant glass in frames or acid-free paper in albums to protect your photos from damage. Brands like Arpan and KVD Kleer-Vu Deluxe Albums Inc are known for their protective features.


Frames and albums are versatile gifts for various occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. Personalised options from Getting Personal add a special touch to any celebration.

Online Shopping Tips:

Take advantage of the convenience of online shopping on Kelkoo. Compare prices across different retailers and look for detailed product descriptions to understand what you're buying.

Care and Maintenance:

To ensure longevity, clean your frames regularly and keep them out of direct sunlight. For albums, use acid-free markers for annotations and store them in a dry place.

In conclusion, buying the right photo frame or album involves considering the type, material, size, shape, style, and protective features. By understanding these aspects, you can find the perfect product to preserve and display your precious memories. Happy shopping on Kelkoo!

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