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The Comprehensive Kelkoo Buying Guide for Mirrors in the UK

Choosing the perfect mirror for your space can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available in the UK market. This comprehensive Kelkoo buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Types of Mirrors

Starting with the basics, there are several types of mirrors available, each serving a different purpose and suiting different aesthetic needs. Here are the main types:

  • Wall mirrors: These are versatile and can be used in any room. They range from small decorative pieces to full-length mirrors.
  • Floor mirrors: Larger and more imposing, these mirrors are typically used in bedrooms or dressing rooms.
  • Vanity mirrors: These are small mirrors used in bathrooms or on dressing tables, often with added lighting.
  • Decorative mirrors: These mirrors are used more for their aesthetic appeal than functionality, and come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Style and Design

Once you've decided on the type of mirror, consider the style and design that will best complement your home decor. Contemporary designs offer sleek and clean lines, often in neutral colours. Vintage mirrors add a touch of elegance and nostalgia, while rustic mirrors can bring a warm, cosy vibe to a room. Minimalist mirrors, on the other hand, focus on simplicity and functionality, often featuring frameless designs.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your mirror are also crucial considerations. Larger mirrors can make a room appear more spacious, while smaller mirrors can be used to highlight specific areas. Rectangular and square mirrors are the most common, but round and oval mirrors can add a unique touch to your decor.


The material of the mirror frame can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the piece. Wood frames offer a classic and timeless appeal, while metal frames can give a more modern or industrial look. Plastic frames are often more affordable and come in a variety of colours and styles. Frameless mirrors, meanwhile, provide a sleek and modern aesthetic.


Quality of the mirror glass is another key factor. Look for mirrors with high clarity and reflectivity. Cheaper mirrors may have a slight grey or green tint, which can distort the reflected image.


Safety should always be a priority when installing larger mirrors. Ensure the mirror is securely mounted to the wall and consider using safety backing film to prevent injury in case the mirror is broken.


Installation can be a DIY project, but professional installation may be necessary for larger or heavier mirrors. Make sure you have the necessary hardware, such as hooks or brackets, and always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.


In terms of price, mirrors can range from budget-friendly options to high-end, designer pieces. Brands like John Lewis and IKEA offer quality mirrors at various price points. If you're looking for a luxury mirror, brands like Timothy Oulton and Tom Dixon are worth considering.

Where to Shop

Finally, it's important to know where to shop. High-street stores like Next and Dunelm offer a wide range of mirrors, as do online retailers like Wayfair and Amazon. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts to snag a good deal.


In conclusion, choosing the right mirror involves considering the type, style, size, material, and price. This guide should provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision and find the perfect mirror for your space. Happy shopping with Kelkoo!

This guide was crafted with the assistance of AI on 23/09/2023. Kelkoo does not endorse any of the brands mentioned.

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