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The Ultimate Kelkoo Buying Guide to Garden and Outdoor Lighting in the UK

Lighting up your outdoor space can transform your garden into a magical night-time haven. From security to aesthetics, the right garden and outdoor lighting can make a world of difference. This Kelkoo buying guide will help you navigate through the different types of garden and outdoor lighting, their installation, maintenance, and much more.

Types of Garden and Outdoor Lighting

There are several types of garden and outdoor lighting, each with its unique characteristics. Let's delve into the main types:

  • Solar Lighting: These are powered by the sun and are a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. They are easy to install, requiring no wiring. However, their brightness and runtime heavily depend on the amount of sunlight they receive. Top brands like Philips offer a wide range of solar lighting options.
  • LED Lighting: Known for their energy efficiency and long lifespan, LED lights are a popular choice. They come in a variety of colours and brightness levels. They are more expensive upfront, but their longevity and low energy consumption make them cost-effective in the long run. The Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip is a popular LED option.
  • Low Voltage Lighting: These are safer to use and install as they operate on a lower voltage. They are ideal for lighting pathways, patios, and architectural details. However, they require a transformer to convert the voltage, which can add to the installation complexity. The Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights are a good example of this type.

Purpose of the Lighting

The purpose of the lighting will significantly influence your choice. For security, opt for bright, motion-sensor lights like the Steinel LED Outdoor Floodlight. For decoration, consider softer, colourful lights like the Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip. For functionality, pathway lights or spotlights like the Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights are ideal.

Placement and Positioning

Strategic placement can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Illuminate landscape features with spotlights, line pathways with low voltage lights, and highlight architectural details with wall lights. The Techmar Garden Spotlights are perfect for accentuating features.


While solar and LED lights are relatively easy to install yourself, low voltage lighting may require professional help due to the need for a transformer. Brands like Philips and Techmar provide detailed installation guides with their products.

Weather Considerations

In the UK, weather plays a significant role in outdoor lighting choices. Ensure your lights are waterproof and durable to withstand the unpredictable UK weather. The Steinel LED Outdoor Floodlight is known for its robustness and weather resistance.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular cleaning and bulb replacement will ensure your lights last longer. If your lights are dimming or not working, check for any issues with the power supply, bulbs, or sensors. Brands like Philips and Steinel offer excellent customer support for troubleshooting issues.

In conclusion, choosing the right garden and outdoor lighting depends on your specific needs, the UK weather conditions, and your budget. Brands like Philips, Techmar, and Steinel offer a wide range of high-quality, durable products to suit various needs and budgets. Always remember to adhere to the UK's safety and legal requirements when installing outdoor lighting. With the right lighting, your garden can become a beautiful, safe, and enjoyable space after sunset.

This guide was crafted with the assistance of AI on 23/09/2023. Kelkoo does not endorse any of the brands mentioned.

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