Seagate 14TB IronWolf PRO NAS 7200RPM HDD 256MB Cache Internal Hard Drive (ST14000NE0008)

£479.80 - £509.59 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Seagate develops the IronWolf Pro hard drives specifically for use in NAS systems. The drives in this product family are designed for continuous operation and multiple accesses. Thanks to vibration detection, the IronWolf Pro can be installed with multiple drives in one housing.The features of the Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB NAS HDD at a glance:- Specially designed for use in NAS- 14TB of storage space- 7,200 revolutions per minute- 256 MB cache- 1,200,000 hours MTBFSeagate IronWolf Pro: Fast 14TB NAS driveThe IronWolf Pro ST14000NE0008 is a 3.5-inch hard drive with 14 terabytes (14,000 GB) of storage. Seagate designs this disk series for longevity and continuous operation in NAS systems and home servers. The Seagate IronWolf Pro offers a high workload rate of 300 TB per year.The drive has the SATA 6G interface and is equipped with a 256 MB cache . The platters rotate at 7,200 revolutions per minute. This gives the drive a high speed. The data throughput of this hard disk is 250 MB / s, Optimized power profiles enable low power consumption for NAS applications with continuous operation and power consumption is low at 7.6 watts average .Special features and functionsThe NAS Hard Drives of the IronWolf Pro series feature Seagate's "AgileArray" technology . This provides improved disk balance, RAID optimization and reduced power consumption. Advanced troubleshooting ensures that your hard drive meets NAS system requirements for better data integrity.In particular, when using multiple hard drives in a housing occur more vibrations. The Seagate IronWolf Pro features RV sensors to detect rotational vibration . These ensure that vibrations are measured and reduced. In this way, the reliability of the NAS diskimproved.Note: Please note that this 26.11 mm hard drive model is slightly higher than most other 3.5 inch HDDs. If necessary, measure whether the hard disk can fit into your PC, NAS or external hard drive enclosure.Technical details:- Dimensions: 101.85 x 26.11 x 146.99 mm (W x H x D)- Format: 3.5 inches- Weight: about 670 g- Capacity: 14 TB- Speed: 7,200 rpm- Cache: 256 MB- Maximum sustained data transfer rate: 250 MB / s- Connection: SATA 6G- Power consumption (idle / operation): 5 / 7.6 W- Starting current : max. 2,0 A- Shock resistance (during operation): 50 G for 2 ms- Operating temperature: 5 - 60 C- Life expectancy: 1.2 million h (MTBF)- Recovery: 3 Years Data Recovery - Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years