SodaStream Twin Pack Fuse 1 Litre Reusable BPA Free Water Bottles for Sparkling Water Maker, Compatible with Spirit, Spirit One Touch, Power 2 x Refillable Bottles - Black

£9.99 - £14.48 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Handy duo: 2 x 1 litre Fuse bottles for creating sparkling water at home with your SodaStream. Perfect for the whole family Less waste, more sparkle: Fresh, sparkling water in seconds, without buying endless plastic. 1 reusable SodaStream carbonating bottle can save up to 1,282 plastic bottles from our planet over 4 years Home and away: Perfect for serving your favourite home-made fizzy drinks in, or for taking out and about Taste tested: BPA free and perfect for carbonating water. Equipped with a hermetic sealing cap to keep your drinks fizzy for longer Compatible: These bottles are a perfect fit for your SodaStream Play, Source, Power and Spirit, ready to use over and over again