Buff ® Polar Neck Warmer Baby One Size Daydream Pink - Male - Size: One Size

£16.83 - £22.48 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Polar Multifunctional Tubular Baby.Baby Daydream Pink - Polar Tubular Baby.Multifunctional neck polar tubular for kids (0-2 years) by BUFF®.Stretchable and versatile neck accessory made of a lower fleece and an upper microfiber tubular.Versatile neck protection product designed for kids.Created for outdoor protection in cold weather conditions, it offers a practical alternative to traditional scarves.Design:Patterned.Size:One Size.Designed for babies (0-2 years).Features:Soft and warm polar fleece protection.Ultrastretch technology:4-way stretch for best fit and top comfort.Specifically designed for children.One product, plenty of possibilities.Our multifunctional products are a versatile alternative for protection and style in different conditions and environments.Choose how to wear and stay protected.Do more Now! Using recycled fibers is part of our commitment towards a more sustainable world.Recycled products and recycled materials mean a second life, a better future and a better world to live in.UltraStretch technology:highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.Using comfortable fleece fabrics for a superb warmth and an extremely soft and gentle feeling.Designed for protection and comfort.Specifically designed for children:designs, sizes and technology focused on the comfort and protection of the youngest ones.Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities.Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.Designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way.Ideal for high intensity activities.Primaloft® fabric:a great revolution! High isolation properties made of recycled microfiber.Breathable, quick-drying and extremely light.