Chicco 4 Piece Next2Me Bedside Crib Bundle - Chick to Chick

£129.00 - £273.90 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Chicco Next2me Bedside Crib promotes side sleeping, where baby remains close to you at all times throughout the night, but without staying in the same bed. With Next2me, your child can sleep safely in their own crib whilst you can rest next to them in your own bed, making cuddles and breastfeeding more convenient and comfortable. In this way, your bond will grow stronger and your nights more peaceful. As your little one grows older, the Next2Me side-sleeping crib can be progressively moved away from the parents' bed and used as a normal crib until approx 6 months or until baby can pull themselves up into an upright position. Also included are 2 fitted sheets featuring an elasticated rim to ensure a secure fit whilst providing comfort to your little one helping with a good nights sleep. With Chiccos Nightbreeze cover this brand new mattress topper features a hooking system so that the cover can be safely attached to the mattress with its elastic bands reducing the chance of the cover coming free. Chicco has studied the dimensions in order to match it perfectly with both Next2me, the side sleeping crib and also Zip & Go, the travel crib. With its breathable feature, the night breeze cover allows for circulation within the surface in contact with both the baby and the mattress providing a more comfortable night sleep. The cover is washable and can be washed in the washing machine when rolled-up. It is also easy to apply to both the Next2me and Zip & Go Cribs. Package Includes: Next2me Bedside Crib x2 Next2me Fitted Sheets Chicco Nightbreeze Mattress Cover
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