Selle San Marco Mantra Open-Fit Racing Saddle - Narrow - S2 - Black; unisex

Features and technical details

A great looking, flat profiled, race orientated saddle, with Xsilite rails, from Selle San Marco. Features: Rail: Xsilite Shell: Carbon Fibre Reinforced Padding: Biofoam Cover: Microfeel Size Narrow: 278 x 136mm / ID-Match Ref: S2 Size Wide: 278 x 146mm / ID Match Red: L2 Weight: 190g / 194g Saddle Profile: Open-Fit / Flat Use: Road / Off Road XSILITE RAILS It is a material with a high percentage of silicon with particles of titanium and carbon. Light and strong, it turns out to be resistant to all weather conditions. The process through the stealth technology ensures a better strength against fatigue stress. CARBON FIBER REINFORCED SHELL Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high proportion of long carbon fibre, in order to reinforce the characteristics of rigidity, stiffness and durability without compromising the weight. BIOFOAM Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedalling, guarantees comfort, reduced weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. The “closed cells” surface ensures water is repelled from the padding. MICROFEEL COVER Breathable and hard wearing cover. It is lighter than traditional materials and less deformable. Anti-skid effect with an extraordinary grip on the saddle. Biocompatible material. NEW ERGONOMY The perfect balance between the support and relief zone. The "big hole" helps maintain comfort under pressure and offers day long support and comfort. The central relief zone is long enough to work in all riding positions and the structural stability bridge prevents unwanted flex and twist.
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