Smellwell Shoe Freshener Insert Black Zebra - Size: ONESIZE

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Features and technical details

<p>Don&rsquo;t you know the smell of wet and sour training shoes as well? SmellWell smell remover in small bags are easy to put in your shoe to avoid bad smelling training shoes after a tough workout. With SmellWell you will always have fresh shoes ready for the next session.</p> <p><strong><em>*NOTICE: The packages are delivered in random colors.</em></strong></p> <h3><strong>HOW DOES IT WORK?</strong></h3> <p>SmellWell smell remover is developed with a unique formula of active bamboo coal with a large surface area, which absorbs and neutralizes bad smells from sweat and moisture. It removes the smell from footwear with a combination of salts and minerals with hygroscopic abilities.</p> <p>Sustainability is top notch with bamboo as the main component, since bamboo grows incredibly fast, which makes so that felling has no impact on its regrowth.</p> <p>SmellWell smell remover is packaged in a non-weaved bag that works as a membrane, and which keeps its contents secure while still letting it transport the moisture out of the shoe. All of the bag is enveloped in a microfiber bag that holds it in place and makes SmellWell easy to put in shoes after training.</p> <h3><strong>IN SHORT ON SMELLWELL SMELL REMOVER</strong></h3> <ul type="disc"> <li>Smell remover for badly smelling training shoes</li> <li>Comes in small bags that you can put in the shoes</li> <li>Unique formula of bamboo, salts, and minerals</li> <li>Package with 2 bags</li> <li>High sustainability</li> <li>Delivered in assorted colors</li> <li>Leaves a fresh smell in the shoe</li> </ul> <p>SmellWell smell remover has a long durability and can be used in training shoes for up to 6 months before it loses its effect.</p> <p>Use SmellWell smell remover for all kinds of footwear that needs to be refreshed.</p> <p><strong><em>*NOTICE: The packages are delivered in random colors.</em></strong></p>
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