CFCF Refrigerator Freezer And Fridge Container Box With Lid, For Bathroom, Pantry, Drawer, Freezer And Home, Stackable Containers Basket With Handles 2Nd Floor Pink

£30.13 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The use of PP safety materials, can be directly in contact with food, for you and your family health escort, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor. Seiko quality, microwave oven heating, can be frozen in the freezer. Meat, dumplings, seafood, chicken wings, fruits and vegetables, etc. , can all be stored, to achieve the effect of preservation. Large capacity design, can be stacked storage, save refrigerator space, to meet your daily needs. A variety of specifications, a variety of colors to match, there is always a style for you.
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