P.P.H. Simpla S.C. A.Murawski R.Polak Simla Unisex Adult ADHD Mudguards Black/Titanium 27.5-29 Inches

£35.29 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Front fender adhdsdf is a modern split construction that allows independent connection of the front or rear part of the mudguard. Quick assembly and convenient use are made possible by the locking mechanism speedclick which is screwed into the fork shaft. The construction of the expansion elements allows mounting in the range of 18-36mm and is also suitable for the forks 1.5". In addition, the surfaces that touch the opening have been coated with elastic plastic to prevent it from slipping in the opening. Elastic plastic has also been used in the construction of the fender, reducing its mass and thus creating a unique visual effect. The reflectors can save your life! Accordingly, the mudguard was equipped with a retroreflector, which improves the visibility and safety of the cyclist. There are two sizes of the mudguard: adhdsdf for the wheels 26"-27,5" and adhdsdf long for the wheels 29" Rear fender adhdsdr is a modern, two-piece construction that depicts the advantages of the multi-award-winning hammer mudguard. Whether in the middle of the city or in the middle of nowhere, users appreciate it for its unique design and convenient setting. It fits all types of bicycles – this is made possible by the possibility of attaching to the seat post or at the bottom of the bicycle frame with the locking mechanism speedclick. Speedclick combines the advantages of the screw clamp and the attachment to the strap. Proven fork construction and double joint allows the mudguard to be perfectly adapted to the ergonomics of the bicycle frame and the bike. Wide fin made from impact-resistant polystyrene provides maximum protection during driving in any terrain. In addition, the weight is reduced by using the elastic plastic In the rear part there is a reflector that improves the visibility of the cyclist. There are two sizes of the mudguard: adhdsdr for the wheels 26"-27,5" and adhdsdr long for the wheels 29
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