Monpore Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo

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Features and technical details

Our Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo effectively lifts away dirt and debris without stripping the scalp and hair of moisture. Vegan silk peptides create a breathable ‘second skin’ on both the scalp and hair, protecting (by more than 35%) against the effects of pollution, irritants and bacteria, all of which are known to compromise hair colour. Independent user trial results over four weeks with 100 women and men found: - 87% agreed that their scalp felt more balanced - 85% agreed that their scalp felt less itchy - 85% agreed that their hair and scalp felt free of product build-up - 85% agreed it had a positive effect on the health and condition of their scalp - 85% agreed that their hair felt fuller If you tend to shy away from shampoo for fear of a dry scalp and frizzy strands, our Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo is the refreshing antidote to everything that has gone before. It may not foam as much as other varieties, but this means it won’t leave hair dry and brittle either. Its star ingredients include coconut-derived cleansing agents that are of 100% natural origin, together with hydrating aloe vera and strengthening vegan silk peptides. aloe vera, as well as keratin to help fortify frail strands, while special vegan silk peptides strengthen and nourish both the hair and scalp. Not only does it fill your bathroom with a happy herbal fragrance (as opposed to your typical floral fug) it gives hair body and bounce, without feeling weighed down. Also free from parabens and sulphates. We recommend using our Strengthening Essence-Conditioner straight afterwards for an extra moisture boost.
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