Neos Smart Motion Kit Pack of 4: 2 Contact & 1 Motion (PIR) Sensor + Bridge Smart Home Security Extension kit SmartCam, White

£33.97 - £39.49 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Neos Smart Motion Kit consist of 2 Smart Contact Sensors, 1 Smart Motion Sensor and 1 Smart Bridge. Our sensors are small, battery powered with a powerful range, so you can fit them almost anywhere and can be installed in minutes. Neos Smart Contact Sensors notify you if they are opened. Place them somewhere that matter most to you, like a door, to make your home safe and secure. Neos Smart Motion alerts you through the Neos SmartHome app when human and pets movements are detected. No need for an additional hub, the kit comes with a Smart bridge. Simply plug into the back of the Neos SmartCam and connect all your sensors in the Neos SmartHome app. With an extended 18-month battery life, the Neos Smart Sensors let you focus on what matters, don't sweat the small stuff., Manufacturer: Neos