Clinisept+ Plus Aftercare 100ml

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Features and technical details

Using the latest anti-microbial technology, Clinisept Plus gently disinfects skin to deliver exceptional protection against infection and provide the ideal conditions for skin recovery and regeneration without any stinging or irritation. Clinisept Plus Aftercare is particularly useful in post-procedure recovery and is suitable for use after a wide variety of aesthetic and surgical procedures. Although Clinisept Plus Aftercare is intended for skin recovery post-procedure, it is also extremely useful in treating and managing skin conditions such as acne thanks to the anti-microbial action. It can also be applied to cuts, grazes, insect bits and more. This ready to use aqueous solution has undergone rigorous testing, is Dermatologically tested and has a skin neutral pH. Contains no alcohol, parabens, lanolin or oils. Fragrance and colourant-free and does not stain skin. CE MARKED Benefits of Clinisept Plus Aftercare: Anti-microbial & disinfecting action Suitable for use after wide variety of aesthetic & surgical procedures Can be used to manage skin conditions such as acne Can also be applied to cuts, grazes, insect bits & more Skin neutral pH with no alcohol, parabens, lanolin, oils, fragrance or colourants How to use: Spray directly on to the required area or wet a cotton pad and wiping gently. Ensure the area is thoroughly wetted at each application. For best results and rapid skin recovery, Clinisept+ Aftercare should be applied frequently (up to 3 times a day). Size: 100ml Clinisept+ has been rigorously and independently tested and proven to be highly effective in killing all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus, in under 15 seconds. Clinisept+ is a new chemistry and therefore not registered as a skin disinfectant. However, Clinical Health Technologies is currently working towards attaining this accreditation. Clinisept+ Plus Aftercare 100ml