Aroma Home Tranquillity Plug In Diffuser-unisex

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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and emotional balance in our life. Essential oils have the power to promote relaxation, relieve stress, boost energy, uplift the spirit, clear the mind, increase concentration, induce a good night’s sleep and offer many more therapeutic benefits. Inhalation is one of the most common and easiest ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. As the essential oil molecules are breathed in, they help stimulate parts of the brain that influence physical, mental and emotional health. Bring the natural healing power of essential oils into your home today with this beautifully crafted diffuser. FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE! Benefits: PROMOTE WELLBEING By breathing in essential oil molecules, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits immediately. PURIFY YOUR HOME Essential oils can help reduce bacteria and fungus present in the air. REDUCE AIRBORNE CONTAMINANTS Essential oils are dispersed into the air as negative ions and neutralise positively-charged free radicals such as dust, pollen and smoke particles to help clean your home. DEODORISE YOUR HOME Micro-molecules of the essential oils spread quickly throughout your home naturally eliminating odours and leaving a refreshing scent. HUMIDIFY THE AIR Microscopic water molecules are added into the air to help maintain a healthy humidity level. MAINTAINS OIL QUALITY AND EFFECTIVENESS Heat highly reduces the effectiveness of essential oils. An ultrasonic diffuser uses cold mist which maintains the integrity and maximum effectiveness of the oils. LED MOOD LIGHTING: Colour changing spectrum for a relaxing atmosphere. BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES: Auto shut-off when water level gets low or if overheated. QUIET: Whisper quiet ultrasonic operation. MULTI-PURPOSE: May be used as a humidifier or air purifier. MISTING: Up to 5 hours. WATER CAPACITY: 150 ml.
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