OTE Starter Pack - Starter Pack Assorted Nutrition packs; Unisex

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In the Box 1 x Energy Gel – Orange (56g) 1 x Energy Gel – Lemon and Lime (56g) 1 x Energy Gel – Blackcurrant (56g) 1 x Anytime Bar – Cherry (62g) 1 x Anytime Bar – Banana (62g) 1 x Hydro Tabs – Blackcurrant (20 Tabs) 1 x Energy Drink Sachet – Orange (43g) 1 x Recovery Drink – Chocolate (52g) 1 x Protein Bar – Peanut Caramel (70g) 1 x Protein Bar – Cookies and Cream (70g) 1 x OTE Sports Bag Energy Gel Orange/ Lemon and Lime/ Blackcurrant (56g) The OTE Energy Gel has been specially formulated to provide a quick release of energy during exercise. Great for use before and during exercise, the gels deliver 20g of carbohydrate per gel. Anytime Bar Cherry/ Banana (56g) A delicious flapjack style bar, the OTE Anytime Bar is made from 100% natural ingredients and is both nut and gluten free. Each bar is easily digested and contains 35g of carbohydrate to help keep you energised during exercise. Hydro Tabs Blackcurrant (20 Tabs) Keeping you hydrated, the OTE Hydro Tabs are dissolvable tabs that create a refreshing sports drink that is packed full of electrolytes which replaces the electrolytes that are lost through sweating. Energy Drink Sachet Orange (43g) Specially formulated to provide both carbohydrates and electrolytes, the OTE Energy Drink helps to keep you energised and hydrated during intense activity. Recovery Drink Chocolate (52g) Aiding in your recovery, the OTE Recovery Drink is a tasty soya protein drink that is designed to help repair and rebuild muscles, aiding in the recovery process following exercise. The drink provides 23g of essential protein. Protein Bar Peanut Caramel/ Cookies and Cream (70g) Further aiding in your recovery, the OTE Protein Bars are a delicious, easily digestible, multi-layered bar which provides 20g of high-quality protein.
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