Torq Gels Sachets With Guarana (15 x 45g) - 15x45g 15 Banoffee Gels; Unisex

£27.75 - £29.43 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Forest Fruits and Banoffee contain 89mg of caffeine in each ‘Guarana’ gel. Most other gels on the market only contain 50mg per serving. They also tend to use chemically manufactured caffeine, where as Torq use a Natural Guarana Extract – it turns the gel a rich gold colour. The Guarana gels give a huge kick. The caffeine stimulates your nervous system, improving muscle function, fat burning, mental focus and reaction time, so is an ideal product to use in the latter  stages of a race or for ultra-distance competitions. Torq gels feature a quick and easy rip-off tab. Great for when on the go. Fuelling The Torq Fuelling system (2-3 Torq units per hour).