KIKI Health Pure Marine Collagen 150caps

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Features and technical details

150 pure marine collagen supplements. Formulated with type one purified hydrolysed collagen; which is easier to absorb than nonhydrolysed marine collagen; KIKI Health’s Pure Marine Collagen Vegicaps are enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact; making the polypeptides fully digestible and gentle on the gut. Collagen is an abundant protein in the body and is the component of skin; bones; muscles; cartilage; ligaments; and connective tissues; but collagen production naturally depletes as we age; which is why supplements can help boost the proetin in the body. Dairy and lactose free Gluten and wheat free Naturally high in protein Sustainably sourced from a responsible fishery Free from artificial colours; preservatives; sweeteners; or fillers Free from fillers; preservatives; artificial colouring; sweeteners; and synthetics 100% pure collagen with 900mg per serving (two capsules)