Hyundai HYSC-15000 SMART Battery Charger 12V/24V

£120.83 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Ideal battery charger for cars, boats, vans, motorhomes and leisure batteries Compatible charger for lithium-ion batteries Maintenance mode for charging during over-winter storage Designed for charging all types of batteries - 12V lead-acid, 24V lead-acid and 12V lithium-ion batteries, including WET (Flooded), GEL, MF (Maintenance-Free), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), AGM+ and LIB (Lithium Ion) batteries. Built-in intelligent microprocessor makes charging and maintaining faster, easier and safer. Safety features including spark proof, protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent overcharge and overheat. Auto-memory: Automatically switches from full charge to maintenance status without overcharging or damaging the battery. 1 year Hyundai warranty
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