Liverpool FC LFC PS4 Slim Skin Bundle - Red - Size: O

£23.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The LFC PS4 Slim Skin Bundle features:  PlayStation 4 Slim console skin and 2x controller skins, Anti-fade Bubble-free finish Anti-scratch Easy application Waterproof No residue when removed Instructions:  Make sure that the surface of the device is clean and dry-wipe with a damp cloth, Lightly remove the skin from one corner; be careful not to stretch the skin as it will no longer fit. Ensure that your skim is aligned accurately and lightly apply the skin, you can gently reposition the skin if not aligned properly, Once you are happy with the positioning, apply pressure from the middle and slowly work towards the edges to push out any creases or bubbles. Dimensions are 290 mm (width) x 365 mm (height) x 2 mm (depth) and 150 g weight
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