Lloytron MIP3 Wireless Door Bell and Chime Kit 32 Melody Mains Chime Unit - White

£15.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

This MIP System 3 kit includes one white battery operated bell push and one white 32 melody plugin receiver. Linking wirelessly, there are no unattractive wires and no damage to walls to install; simply plugin to any UK standard wall socket, link up and go! Now with an even greater unobstructed range of 200m, this MIP Kit is ideal for use at home or in the workplace; never miss a home delivery again or be alerted when a customer needs attention at a reception desk. You can boost the range by purchasing and linking an MIP Signal Booster accessory.The receiver has a flashing strobe light indicator and plays from a selection of 32 high quality true sound melodies specially designed for the UK market. Melodies include Big Ben, Westminster chimes, 6 tubular bells, 5 ding dongs, buzzers, festive tunes, sound effects and Stop Thief message.The MIP System 3 is more than just a doorbell; with the ability to purchase and link up to 16 different accessories (bell push, receiver, magnetic sensor, PIR motion sensor, etc.) you can create the perfect alert system for your home or business. Should you add accessories to your kit, the MIP System 3 allows you to choose different melodies for different bell pushes and transmitters with the flick of a switch, so you can easily identify which has been activated by the melody playing. MIP System 3 is compatible with other MIP generations, however, this feature is unavailable when linking with MIP System 1 products.MIP has partnered with Crimestoppers, an independent crime fighting charity, with monies from each product sale going to support their cause.This device is not compatible with the following models that do not have MIP ; B473 B476 B479 B481 B7013WH B7014WH B7015WH B7501BK B7502BK B7503BK B7504GM B7509WH B7510BK/WH Melody List: 1. Ding Dong Tubular Bells 2. Tubular Bells 3. Tubular Bells 4. Tubular Bells 5. Tubular Bells 6. Tubular Bells 7. Ding Dong 8. Ding Dong 9. Ding Dong 10. Ding Dong 11. Ding Dong 12. Big Ben Hour Strikes 13. Big Ben Chimes 14. Westminster Chimes 15. Westminster Chimes 16. Westminster Chimes 17. St Michaels Chimes 18. Bells of St Clements 19. Buzzer 20. Buzzer 21. Festive – Happy Birthday 22. Festive – Halloween 23. Festive – Halloween 24. Festive – Christmas 25. Festive – Christmas 26. Sound – Dog Bark 27. Sound – Tiger Roar 28. Sound – Door Knock 29. Sound – Bird Song 30. Sound – Air Raid Siren 31. Sound – Trumpet 32. Message – Stop Thief Set Includes: 1 bell push MiP3 System 1 battery operated portable receiver
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