HIGH5 Energy Bar with Protein (12 x 50g) - 12 x 50g Banana & Peanut; Unisex

£22.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Energy Bar with Protein is a great tasting bar that utilises natural ingredients to keep you energised before and during training, while also helping you to recover after training. The bar uses a mix of real fruits, nuts and seeds which optimises taste – making this a great sport snack bar that you’ll actually look forward to. The bars are also formulated with the pea protein which can help you recover. The added 10g of plant-based protein, per bar, provides essential and branched amino acids which contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.     Directions for Use Designed for sports use or as a healthy snack as part of an active lifestyle, the Energy Bar with Protein can be used for a wide range of sports activities including triathlons, cycling, running, mountain biking, hill walking, multi-day endurance racing and rowing.