Fujitsu Siemens Fi-7700 A3 Document Scanner

£5,496.96 - £5,680.82 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Fast and reliable The Fujitsu fi-7700 will allow you to scan landscape A4 documents at rates of up to 100 pages per minute or 200 images per minute. It is ideal for a busy office environment and can cope with continuous scanning with ease - you can load as many as 300 sheets at once to boost efficiency when you are scanning large volumes. The versatile Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7700 A4 Colour Flatbed Scanner is also suitable for scanning all sorts of different documents even those which might traditionally be thought of as difficult to handle. Media forms that can be scanned include thin paper books magazines plastic cards envelopes and long documents. Scanning choices Fast scanning is available in both colour and monochrome and the Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7700 can handle a variety of sizes and thicknesses. It also has a Paper Protect feature that prevents paper jams with the help of Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection or the detection of anomalies in sound. It also monitors document length to help protect against problems. All of this adds up to a comprehensive business companion which minimises the need for human intervention while maximising on productivity levels and value for money. More features The appeal of the Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7700 does not end there. It has an impressively flexible design that would fit into a wide range of business environments and its LCD panel is perfectly-proportioned for easy operation. Other benefits of the fi-7700 include Independent Side Guides which allow you to easily align mixed-size documents and the addition or option of PaperStream IP PaperStream Capture Pro and PaperStream Capture..
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