Eve 1080p HD Secure Indoor Cam

£129.95 - £196.94 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Key Features . Highest level of data protectionHomeKit Secure VideoPresence-based activityDetailed communicationsHuman Animal and; Vehicle detectionFlexible assembly . Everything in view. Keep an eye on your home at all times and protect the privacy of your four walls at the same time. With Eve Cam you will immediately receive detailed notifications on your iPhone when something is going on with you. Your home. Your data. Privacy is of the utmost importance especially with an indoor camera. Eve Cam was developed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video so that detected activities can be stored securely and fully encrypted in iCloud. Eve Cam's greatest asset is the protection of your private data. Nobody at home? Protect your home from intruders as soon as movement is detected you will receive a notification on your iPhone. So you can act immediately should it be an unwanted visitor and collect evidence at the same time. Only active when you want to. No matter what you use Eve Cam for - you decide when and how the camera should be active. Automatically turn off Eve Cam when everyone is home. And choose when you want to receive notifications. Apple TV HomePod or HomePod mini as a control center intelligently detects whether a person an animal or a vehicle is in the video.A clearly recognizable status LED always tells you whether Eve Cam is currently active or switched off or whether it is transmitting a video image. Record as needed. Eve Cam only supports Apple Secure Video so you can save encrypted recordings in your iCloud. HomeKit Secure Video requires a supported iCloud storage plan (not included). You can link one camera to a 200 GB storage plan or up to five cameras to a 2 TB storage plan at no additional cost. The camera recordings are not counted towards the iCloud storage limit are saved for 10 days and then automatically deleted. If you want to keep a recording you can save it permanently if necessary..
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