Celexon Professional eAdjust-65120 height adjustable electric desk, wh

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Features and technical details

Celexon Professional eAdjust-65120 height adjustable electric desk (frame) Long periods of time spend in a sitting position can be unhealthy for the spine as well as back or neck muscles and may cause pain. The Celexon Professional eAdjust-65120 height-adjustable electric desk may help to prevent and/ or provide a solution for this pain. Thanks to the adjustable height, you can perform your work sitting down or standing up at the touch of a button. Changing your working positions helps relieve the spine and inter vertebral discs and will have a positive effect on your health and well-being. It is quick and easy to adjust the electric desk and it can be raised from 65cm to 120cm within seconds. This allows you to work comfortably, whether sitting down or standing up. The desk will remember up to three customisable positions which are easily accessed by pressing a button. An integrated display lock prevents unwanted movement of the desk and provides additional safety. Key features: - Electric adjustment from 65 to 120cm - 3 customisable positions stored on memory - Easy operation via control unit - Dimensions: min: 100x65x70cm, max: 170x123x70cm The Celexon Professional eAdjust 65120 frame is available in 3 different colours (grey, black or white lacquered) and can be combined with any table top of the series. It is also possible to use your own tabletop with this design. This allows you to create an individual piece of furniture to match your taste. In the box: 1x Celexon eAdjust-65120 desk frame 1x user guide Screws and fixings