Singercon Soap Bubble Machine - 2 L - 300 W CON.BM-300

Features and technical details

Entertain your guests with this soap bubble machine Children's eyes will shine at your popcorn stand. Or the wedding party will look in amazement at the sky when the soap bubble machine CON.BM-300 starts its magic. Soap bubbles, for as far as the eye can see, come out of the bubble machine. They will even attract attention to your event from several meters away. Simple fun with a great effect: the bubble machine from Singercon It looks so easy, but it all depends on the airflow! The soap bubble machine has two fans for generating the optimum amount of air to make the sparkling bubbles slowly rise into the air. The effective 300W engine reliably powers the device. The bubbles have an incredible range of up to 40 m. The air bubble machine is switched on and put into operation with a toggle switch. The soap bubble production is controlled remotely. You can control the device from a range of up to 30 m and always keep an eye on the effect of the bubbles. The bubble machine has wheels with which you can transport it effortlessly. You can pull or push it with a handle or quickly change its position. The robust steel casing is extremely durable and has been designed for big events or marketplaces. The unit has a tank which you can fill up to 2 l of soap bubble liquid. In continuous operation, the machine consumes up to 6.7 l/h. Attract customers to your market stand, surprise your guests at your next event and create an enchanting atmosphere that no one will forget - with the Singercon soap bubble machine! powerful - engine with 300 W continuously produces soap bubbles effective - bubbles fly up to 40 m convenient - the soap bubble machine can be operated from a distance of 30 m with remote control eye-catching - whether it's a cotton candy stand, a live show or a wedding: Your guests will be thrilled robust - steel casing for long service-life
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