OcUK Value UHU High Temperature Silicone Black Colour - 80ML

£13.27 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

UHU high temperature silicone is a heat resistant black silicone for bonding and sealing joints, crevices and cracks. It can withstand temperatures of up to 180 C without damage. It is also resistant to moisture, detergents and chemicals as well as to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. The silicone is therefore ideal for sealing minor damage to a PC water cooling system. A particular advantage of the silicone is that it is permanently elastic and hardens even when wet and has a very good adhesive power. The agent can of course also be used for other areas, such as on automobiles or for gluing or sealing in areas of electronics and mechanical engineering. UHU high temperature silicone is easy to handle and apply. Ideally, the area to be treated must first be clean, dry, free from oil and grease so that the best possible gluing result can be achieved. The silicone should be applied evenly and smoothed with a small spatula. Technical details:- Shape: pasty- Colour: Black- Density: approx. 1.03 g / cm- Tensile strength: 2.1 N / mm- Elongation at break: 400%
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