Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Speed Battery Charger

£22.70 - £90.90 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Speed battery charger has been manufactured to the highest of standards, accepting up to twelve AAA/AA NiCad or Ni-MH cells, six C or D sizes and two 9V PP3 batteries. When the batteries are first inserted, a microprocessor will perform a quick initial test and diagnosis. A pre-charge follows for batteries that have neared total discharge, or if this not needed, the standard charging process will be automatically activated. During charging, each individual slot can be monitored through the LED display, which will indicate the charging progress as well as any fault conditions, flashing red if you have inserted a non-rechargeable battery. Additional features include: This charger has 6 pairs of charging slots, in each these you can either insert two AAA or AA cells or 1 C or D cell. Reverse polarity and over-charging protection, with trickle charge function so the batteries can be left in the charger until they are needed, counteracting self-discharge. A quick charge option of up to 1000 mA. Two USB ports are also featured, for charging a variety of devices such as mobile phones. Switchable Power input, between 120V and 240V AC, making the charger suitable for worldwide travel. Charging currents vary from 60mA for 9V PP3/6LR61 batteries to 400mA for AAA batteries and 1000mA for C and D sizes. Please note that some charging slots on this charger are battery size specific. This means a variety of battery sizes will be required to achieve the advertised maximum capacity. The Energy 16 comes with a power cord, an instruction manual and a three-year warranty as standard. Dimensions: 24.4 by 26.2 by 6.0 centimetres, with a weight of 1.264 kilogrammes.Export InformationCommodity/Tariff Code - 85044055Country of Origin -China (CN)