Hauck 4 Way Carrier, 4 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier from Birth up to 12 kg, Headrest, Four Carrying Possibilities, High Level of Carrying Comfort - Black

£42.17 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

FROM BIRTH - Carry your child comfortably in this softly padded baby carrier from birth up to 12 kg, no matter whether at home or outside ERGONOMIC - Thanks to adjustment possibilities and paddings in head and shoulder areas, baby will be in an ergonomic position; when face to you on the front, baby directly goes into the M positio GROW-ALONG - 4 Way Carrier ensures your little one comfort as it grows along by adjusting the different belts and Velcro fastenings 4 WAYS - At first, baby will face you; afterwards, the surroundings can be explored by looking forward, staying on the hip or on your back; the headrest can be pulled or flipped down HIGH LEVEL OF COMFORT - The childs weight is distributed on shoulders and hips in order to relief your back; the length of all belts and straps can be adjusted to the individual needs