Brown Paint Marker 751-007

£6.20 - £7.42 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Capable of marking a variety of surfaces, smooth rough or lacquered, the range of Edding 751 Paint Marker comes in a wide range of colours. With a medium sized soft round bullet nib: (1 - 2mm) its opaque lacquer ink is ideal for labeling a range of materials even those dark in colour, with excellent waterproofing and heat resistance (400 C). Its wear resistant ink makes it perfect for nuclear power plant, automotive and shipping industry applications. Features and Benefits Marks virtually all materials including, plastic, wood and metal Medium soft bullet nib: ~1 - 2mm with valve-controlled ink flow Outstanding adhesion on both smooth and porous surfaces Especially good on dark and transparent materials Extremely wear-resistant on almost all surfaces Heat-resistant up to 400C and excellent waterproof properties Available in a range of colours Typical Applications Workshop Industrial Nuclear power industry Automotive Shipping