Lindy USB Type C Power Meter (Current and Voltage)

£23.21 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Lindy USB Type C Power Meter plugs directly into any Type C powered USB port. It allows for easy, convenient monitoring of output voltage and operating current. It quickly tells you if your USB socket is providing power normally and if devices are receiving enough power to operate. A LED display allows you to instantly read the information without affecting the performance of the device. It is ideal for monitoring the power usage of an external drive or other USB peripherals as well as checking the power demands of your smartphone, tablet etc. It can also be used to check the different power outputs of your computers USB Ports, wall charger, battery pack, or even a USB enabled solar panel. Please note - USB sockets will only output as much power as is demanded by the device you are charging, the USB Power Meter will show the voltage and amperage being delivered from the USB port. It will not show the maximum possible power output from the USB socket. Package Contents USB Type C Power Meter User Manual Sits inline to measure current and voltage output from any USB Type C port Wide voltage and amperage range (up to 24 Volts / 6 Amps) Supports SuperSpeed+ 10Gbps and USB Power Delivery Large LED display for clear and accurate readings 2 year warranty
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