EK Water Blocks EK-Loop Modulus Hard Tube Bending Tool - 14mm

£20.27 - £30.73 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

EK-Loop Modulus Hard Tube Bending Tool - 14mm is the EK approach to an easy and straight forward way of bending hardline acrylic and PETG tubing of 14mm OD. These tools act as a mold which helps the user to form the tubing in the desired shape. These tools are made to be timeless and sturdy, as they are machined out of a solid piece of black POM acetal.These tools come in 3 variants depending on the outer diameter (OD) of the tubing. Available models are for tube size of 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm.Enclosed:- EK-Loop Modulus Hard Tube Bending ToolStep by Step Instructions:Step 1: First you need to put silicon insert inside your ACRYLIC/PETG tube. You can use soap and a bit of water on silicon rod for easier installationStep 2: Use industrial fan to heat up the ACRYLIC/PETG tube. You need to rotate the tube while heating. You will notice that the tube is heated enough when it starts to deflect under its own weight.Step 3: Bend the tube around EK-Loop Modulus hard tube Bending tool. When you force the tube into its final position leave and hold it for about 15 seconds so that it hardens a bit. It is recommended to pull the silicone rod out of the tubing when its still warm.Step 4: You need to cut the tube to desired length. Use a fine hacksaw or equivalent.Step 5: When finished you can use the tube reamer or sandpaper to chamfer the edges for easier installation into the fittings.