Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger Bag - BLCKCHRM 22X

£140.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Chrome Industries Citizen is an iconic messenger bag from the brand. It’s the right size for carrying different loads whether it’s packages, documents or simply some shopping. This is the BLCKCHRM 22X Edition of the Chrome Citizen which uses a sail cloth material which is lighter than the standard nylon whilst being just as durable. The Chrome Industries Citizen BLCKCHRM 22X keeps all the best features of the citizen. You get the black seatbelt buckle on the messenger strap, you get a totally weatherproof construction and there is space for up to a 17� laptop. Chrome make the Citizen weather proof by using a waterproof outer fabric then using a tarpaulin fabric as a liner for the bag. The issues sent by water creeping through stitching are negated by this design. Bicycle messengers started using the Chrome Industries CItizen in 1995 so you can be confident in knowing that your bag will be there when you need it. This BLCKCHRM 22X version is latest in the line of Chrome’s messenger bags range and is a worthy companion for anyone seeking a single-shoulder bag to carry their kit for the foreseeable future.