Smith Micro Software Inc. Spring Cleaning Deluxe 11.0 (Mac)

Features and technical details

NEW! Quick Backup - Conveniently archive selected files online or to another drive. NEW! Magnifile - Get a complete overview of your entire system. Restore - Gain confidence in knowing that most changes you make can be undone. NEW! Video Tutorials - Learn how to get the most out of every tool. NEW! StuffIt Connect - Easily upload and share large files online. Mac Uninstaller - Dragging applications to the trash or deleting them doesn't always work. Remove the application and all its associated files thoroughly with one action. Duplicates Finder - Locate duplicates and similar files and packages that you may not need. Quick Compare - Pinpoint differences in multiple versions of the same documents and folders by visually comparing them, side-by-side, before you open them! FileChecker - Replace or delete corrupt files. Access Monitor - Find files based on the date they were last used. Create Disk Images - Turn file collections into "Virtual Disks" for easy sharing and storing Scheduler - Automate tasks to run when most convenient for you. System Cache Cleaner - Clear outdated files that play havoc with your system. Get your Mac running normally again in no time. ...and more giving you over 40 great tools for cleaning your Mac!, Platforms: Mac OS X
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