CYDZ Laptop battery A1322 for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A1278 ( Mid-2009,Mid-2010,Early-2011 to Late-2011,Mid-2012) for MB991XX/A MB990XX/A MC375XX/A MC374XX/A MD314XX/A MD313XX/A MC724XX/A MC700XX/A [Li-Polymer 10.95V 63.5 Wh]

£33.88 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Voltage: 10.95V, capacity: 63.5Wh, type: Li-ion polymer, color: black Compatible battery: Apple MacBook Pro 13" A1322 A1278 Suitable for Apple Macbook Pro 13" MB991LL/A/MB990LL/MD313/MD314LL/MC375CH/MC374 Suitable for Apple Macbook Pro 13" MB991XX/A,MB990XX/A,MC375XX/A,MC374XX/A,MD314XX/A,MD313XX/A,MC724XX/A
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