Unknown Trout Flip Flops-Large

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There’s something fishy afoot, and it’s not the strong smell from the corner chippy. No, it’s these fantastic fishy flip flops – the fish-themed slippers that’ll have you saying, ‘Oh my cod!’ So, despite us calling them slippers, and despite them looking more slippery than a grease-soaked banana peel on a freshly-waxed floor, they’re supremely grippy. In fact, their grip levels are matched only by their comfort, made eel the more enjoyable by their spongy (ahem) sole! This whale-designed fishwear is made to look surprisingly eelistic, and it features the markings of a trout (without a shadow of a trout). They come in small, medium, and large, ensuring that they fit feet right across the scale. So, size is no fishue. These fish flip flops are the codfather of all fish-themed footwear. They’re perfect for wearing on fishing trips, days out, or just around the house when you want to clam down and relax. Don’t miss your chance to catch these fintastic fish slippers. Order your fish flip flops today!
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Unknown Trout Flip Flops-Large

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