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Books: the gateway to knowledge

Reading a bookDo you love reading books? It’s a great habit that relieves stress and takes you into another world. It’s not just about the joy of reading, books and magazines can also develop your vocabulary and improve your knowledge.

From children to grownups, books are a part of life - they may come in many forms like school textbooks, novels, biographies, cookbooks or city and travel guides. Books don’t just come in their traditional printed form anymore, either. You can download a paperless or audio edition suitable for reading or listening to on your Kindle, iPad or smartphone. Digital books also tend to be cheaper and better for the environment.

To understand the varieties in books, let’s categorize them into two areas: fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction mainly involves self-help books, reference materials, encyclopedias, autobiographies, travelogues or cook books. Under fiction, you have science fiction, romance, horror, thrillers, fantasy and historical genres. Some people are averse to reading fiction, thinking it’s a waste of time to read unreal stories. But they’d do good to remember that these books are a rich source of hidden morals, ideas for living and language enrichment. At the same time, there are people who enjoy fiction. They feel fictional stories alone can take them to a different world. They say that it’s an immediate remedy for stress, and helps them escape from problems at least for a while. Moreover, it can improve their imagination and creativity!

Reading non-fiction is also good, if you look at it from a different perspective. Non-fiction may not be gripping or exciting in the beginning, but then its content is highly beneficial and makes you knowledgeable. It’s always good to know about reality, in order to come into terms with it, rather than escaping into another world. To make sense of the world around you, it’s recommended that you read non-fiction as well. Some people look for inspiring novels and magazines for motivation. Some books based on famous personalities can encourage you to work hard to chase your dreams!

If you are confused on how to start off reading books and magazines, here are some tips. Always select novels or books of prominent authors and best-sellers. If you choose a book of a famous writer, at least you can tell people about it even if you did not enjoy the book personally. When it comes to magazines, it comes down to the brand or content value. Certain magazines are known for the rich content they produce. You can choose them for quality reading. If you’re merely looking for something to while away time, you can go for sensational magazines filled with juicy tales of celebrities or perhaps, even a car magazine to drool over its pictures!