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Kenny Dalglish DVD

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DVDs & Blu-rays

The king of home entertainment

Watching a filmWatching movies at home is a not just a relaxing pastime anymore. It’s become something like a passion for hardcore movie buffs. Trying their best to recreate the cinema experience at home, these people stop at nothing. To watch movies at home, all you need is a media playing device and a movie DVD, Blue-ray or VHS tape.

Let’s explore the various alternatives you’ve got for playing videos. Satellite television has changed the face of home entertainment. You now have the chance to rent movies online from a vast selection of titles. Digital video recorders such as TiVo bring you a wide array of features wherein you can record movies from cable and watch them whenever you please. You can connect a media device such as a DVD player. Most DVD players can even play audio and video CDs. You can go for single tray DVD players or carousel units that shuffle between multiple CDs. Some DVD players can be connected to a home theater receiver in order to provide surround sound. Your next option is to consider a DVD and VCR combo in case you wish to play VHS tapes as well at home. They are also a space saving alternative to bulky DVD units.

You can also buy portable units with a screen, which have a built in DVD player. You don’t always have to go for a play only device. In case you love to watch your favorite movies over and over again, then you can even opt for a recording device such as a DVD recorder. It can burn your movie onto any form of blank media.

The Internet is also a great place to catch up with the latest flicks. With so many pricey electronic media players in the market, downloading movies from online can seem a better bargain. This method works better if you tend to watch almost every other release. There are websites for downloads and there are websites that allow you to watch online. Be careful when registering with a paid account.  There are plenty fraudulent PC users who won’t hesitate to swindle you. If you’re downloading movies from the net, make sure you have a reliable hard drive and ample memory on your computer.

You might have seen the latest releases offered in DVD or Blu-ray and aren’t sure what the difference is. Yes, Blu-rays are most costly between the two. That is because Blu-rays are able to hold more data on one disc, allowing movie studios to add bonus content like deleted scenes, games, trivia and other special goodies.

Moving on to buying movies to watch, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t already know what movies to buy. Here are some of the main movie genres - Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Crime, and Musical.

You can browse through lists online telling you which are the must-see movies of the year or you can go by their popularity. Don’t forget that to complete your cinema experience at home, you need to have the right ambience. Invest in a quality sofa set that is comfortable with supportive backrest and arm rests. And don’t forget the 5.1 home cinema sound package to really take advantage of that Dolby surround sound. You’ll be glad you did!