Buying Guide - Juicers

Juicing tips

Everyone knows they should eat their five a day right, but what about blending them and drinking them instead - there are numerous health benefits to ensuring you get plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Juice cafes have popped juicingup all over the country tempting us with their tantalising array of blended smoothies, but they can leave a bit of a hole in your pocket, so the sensible alternative would be to invest in your own juicer, take a regular trip to your local fruit and veg stall and get blending!

There are lots of juicing books on the market with different recipes to ensure you get the maximum usage out of your new juicer. And whichever juicer you decide you buy, you do need to be prepared to buy lots of fresh produce. Some extractors get more out of produce than others, and the proportion of pulp to juice varies from fruit to fruit. Plus with extractors in particular, be prepared to clean pulp out of every tiny space after each use!

Types of juicer

The type of juice maker you choose depends on the type of juice you like to drink. If you plan to make only citrus juice, then a juicer is fine. But if you plan to make your own carrot or vegetable juice, then an extractor is the best choice. Here are the types of juice makers to consider:

Citrus juicers
When using a citrus juicer, you press cut halves of fruit onto a motorized reamer that extracts the juice. A trough around the reamer (on some models) may strain the juice as it flows into a container. Compared with a juice extractor, juicerjuicers tend to be a lot easier to clean. They have fewer parts and don't accumulate pulp in hard-to-clean corners and crevices. If you are just thinking of preparing yourself a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast you would be better off with a juicer over an extractor.

Juice extractors
Juice extractors use a fast whirling disk to cut fruit or vegetables into tiny pieces that are then spun to separate juice from pulp. Once separated from the pulp, the juice flows through a strainer and into a container. Whatever fruit and veg you put in to the extractor needs to be cleaned and prepared first, so there is still some amount of effort involved. Some extractors require full dismantling for cleaning , so they can be a lot of bother to clean.