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Buying Guide - CD/DVD Burners

Let it burn

CD and DVD writerDVD and CD burners or writers are optical recorders that are used to record  digital data onto a blank, writable media. They let you create and store your own albums and videos. You can burn CDs using CD or DVD burners. DVD and CD burners are available as installable drives for desktops and laptops or as standalone components that can be used with TVs and home theatre systems.

Nowadays, CD-only burners are used less, as DVD burners can burn CDs as well. Moreover, DVDs have large storage space than CDs. There are several things to consider when you set out to buy DVD burners. If you are going to use dual-layer DVDs, choose DVD burners that have the ability to read from and write on to a dual-layer disc. Also, the software that comes along with the hardware is an important factor to consider.

Internal or external

If you want a DVD burner for your computer, decide whether you want to connect it to the computer hardware externally or internally. Installing the burner internally into your computer isn’t an easy task, as you have to fix it inside your computer. But, the speed of your DVD burner is affected by the connection method. If you have installed the burner internally through parallel or serial ports, the speed of burning DVDs can be higher than that is achieved via an external connection.

External connection is a much simpler task, as you have to simply connect your DVD burner to your computer through a cable. As USB cables can carry only a limited amount of data, the speed of the burner is also limited. If speed is your main concern, you have to connect your DVD burner internally. But, if you want a portable burner, you can go with external DVD burners. When choosing an external connection for your computer, you can use parallel ports or USB 2.0 for connecting. For faster speed, you can opt for FireWire, as it offers greater transfer speeds.

Versatility is key

CD burners let you write data to recordable CDs. They can read and write data CDs as well as music CDs. Like DVD burners, CD burners can be installed inside your computer system or used as a standalone unit. You can connect CD burners to your PC using FireWire connectors or USB ports.

Speed is the major determinant of the price of CD burners. Burners that feature higher speed for writing, reading, and rewriting are priced more than those with lower speed. If you’re on a budget and speed is not a major concern, you can go for CD burners with a slower speed. Consider the buffer space. If the burner has a large buffer, your computer can efficiently burn CDs while doing other operations.

Price is an important factor that determines your purchase. Prices of DVD burners are falling considerably these days. But, if your major activities include just burning CDs, you can be happy with just a CD burner. A better option can be a combi drive, CD-RW, which can read a DVD but cannot write.