Buying Guide - Inkjet Cartridges


When it comes to purchasing inkjet cartridge products for your printer, you will first need to determine the type you require - original or recycled and whether you require black ink or colour inkjet cartridges, or both.  If you possess a photo printer, you may find that you require ink that has been formulated specifically for the printing of high quality, colour photographs.

inkjet cartridgesAll printer suppliers manufacture their own original inkjet cartridge products.  Cartridges produced for printers of a different make may be physically or electronically incompatible - or both.

A replacement inkjet cartridge produced by the original manufacturer is often expensive to purchase and this has led to vendors producing compatible yet affordable cartridges.  Use of these cartridges is recommended in printers in which the warranty has expired, this is because using third party inkjet cartridges in a new printer can leave the device void of warranty.

Some brand-name cartridge products lack precision parts, this means that they are cheap to purchase.  However, the printers are typically expensive to buy.  Other types of inkjet cartridge incorporate the precision parts but this renders the cartridges expensive to buy but leaves the printer cheaper to purchase.


Inkjet cartridge products from the original manufacturer often come at a price.  If you are unable to afford the original cartridge for your printer, you might want to consider affordable third party options, including bulk buying, cartridge refills, remanufactured cartridges or inkjet cartridges from third party manufacturers.

Remanufactured inkjet cartridge products are those that have been used once by another consumer before being refilled and sold on by a third party.  Recycled cartridges can be up to 73% cheaper than original, branded cartridges.

It is often a worry that refilled or remanufactured inkjet cartridge products will not perform as well as brand new, original cartridges.  There is also a concern that cartridges of this kind will damage a printer.  When bought from a reputable supplier, refilled and remanufactured cartridges can function as effectively as the new ones and should not harm your printer in any way.

Online retailers offer a wide range of original and recycled inkjet cartridge products, often at cheaper prices than those found in your local store.


It is possible to refill your existing inkjet cartridge with the aid of a refill kit.  Alternatively, you can take or send your cartridge to a refilling company who will refill it on your behalf.

Cheap inkjet cartridges can be acquired through buying cartridges or the refill ink for them, in bulk which is ideal if you are a heavy user of cartridges.  Not all ink cartridges can be refilled, however.

Third party manufacturers offer refillable and single-use inkjet cartridges for a fraction of the price of original inkjet cartridges.  It is essential to ensure that the  cartridges chosen are compatible with your printer.

Cartridge types and page yield

Typically, you will require two separate inkjet cartridges for your printer: a black one and a colour one, containing each of the three primary colours.

man in the officeYou may possess a printer in which each primary colour is served by its own dedicated cartridge, in which case you will have three small colour ink cartridges and one black ink cartridge to make a total of four cartridges.

The page yield of the inkjet cartridge should also be taken into consideration when purchasing, it is usually included in the inkjet cartridge specification  The majority of inkjet cartridges are capable of producing between 200 and 300 pages and colour cartridges typically have a lower page yield than black ones.

High yield inkjet cartridge products are available for purchase.  These typically prove more cost-effective than purchasing two average-yield cartridges.


Black or colour?

The type of cartridge you require will depend upon the type of documents you are printing.  If you intend on printing large quantities of colour photographs or colour documents, you will undoubtedly require a colour inkjet cartridge.

It is possible to purchase gloss optimiser ink cartridges for your printer to ensure that your images are produced in high gloss colour, just like that of a photograph.  Gloss optimiser ink cartridges are capable of producing long-lasting images that do not fade in colour and closely match colours in real life.  Therefore, they look less artificial.

If you only intend to print black and white images and text, you will benefit from black ink cartridges.  Black ink cartridges are typically cheaper to purchase than colour ink cartridges.

If your printer driver is set to colour, you will find that your printer requires a colour inkjet cartridge to run.  If you print black and white documents while the printer driver is set to colour, you will find that your printer mixes all the colours in the colour inkjet cartridge together to produce the colour black.

This action will drain your colour ink cartridge, regardless of the fact that the print jobs are only in black.  To get the most of out of your colour cartridge purchase when you are printing only in black and white, change your printing preferences to 'grey scale'.  This way, your colour inkjet cartridge will not be used during black and white printing jobs.