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Projector Accessories


You need the right kind of projector accessories in order to get the best out of your projector and to enhance your viewing and/or presentation experience. There are innumerable projector accessories on the market ranging from mounts and lamps to remotes. This buying guide will help you judge the need and necessity of various projector accessories and help you make the right buying decision.

Accessories at a glance

A projector can play several roles for you. It may be a part of your home entertainment system or it could play a vital role in your business presentation. Projectors are now commonplace in classrooms, board rooms and auditoriums. A projector alone cannot serve the entire purpose. In order to get the best out of your projector, you need the right projector accessories. Read on to know the various projector accessories that can help you set up the perfect system.

Projector mounts are indispensable accessories to position the projector the way you want. To effectively control the device, a standard remote control is also essential. Projector lamps, laser pointers, screens, and projector cases are some of the other important projector accessories that can prove useful for clear viewing and safe carrying purposes. Plenty of lenses are available on the market that you can buy separately for a sharp presentation.

Various projector accessories and their uses

Video projector screenHere’s a quick look at various projector accessories and their uses. The accessories you must go for will depend on the dominant use of your projector. Depending on whether you use it for business presentations or put it to personal use in your living room, choose your projector accessories carefully.

Projector Mounts: They provide a stable position for the projector for a better viewing experience. These projector accessories help prevent any accidental drops and breakage. The fan and other projector parts also work perfectly due to the ideal placement. Ceiling mounts prove useful if you use a projector frequently.
Projector Remotes: They come in very handy to help you operate the device without having to walk up to it every time. During business presentations, they allow you the freedom to move around. There are a range of projector remotes in the market from the most basic to highly sophisticated devices. The advanced models have several additional features including built-in pointers. However, it is all these extra features also add to the cost, so choose these projector accessories depending on your budget and your requirements.
Projector Lamps: Available in a broad range of resolutions from SVGA (800x600) to UXGA (1600x1200), you can definitely find the lamp that meets your needs. Choose the resolution based on the size of your space. One of the major complaints about projector lamps is their limited life, more so if the projector is improperly used. However, recent developments in technology have increased the life spans of projector lamps considerably. Ultra high performance lamps (UHP) are a vast improvement over the traditional lamps, as they are compact, brighter and noiseless. Additionally, they tend to give out less heat and thus help extend the life of your projector.
Optional Lenses and Lens Cases: Optional lenses are projector accessories that help you customise your presentation as per the need of your situation. There are plenty of optional lenses to choose from and the list includes zoom lenses, fixed short throw lens, standard throw lens and long throw lens. It is worthwhile investing in a couple of these projector accessories for razor-sharp images. To keep these expensive lenses from being scratched and damaged, get lens cases as well. They also make it easier to carry your lenses around.
Projector Cases: If you travel a lot and have to carry your projector along, a projector case is a must have. Even otherwise, they can help keep the dust and dirt away from your projector for clear and crisp images. From sleek and stylish to rugged and sophisticated, these projector accessories are available in a range of designs that you can choose.
Projector Screens: Many different kinds of projector screens are available in the market. They include fixed, wall-mounted, electric, portable and tripod style projector screens. These projector accessories are available in different sizes, too. For general use, standard size is sufficient. However, it is also possible to get custom-made projection screens if your requirements are special. The right screen will do wonders to the viewing experience, so spend some time on choosing the best one.
Laser Pointers: These projector accessories add a professional touch to your presentation. You can choose from several brands of laser pointers and their price varies depending upon the features they offer.
Extension Cords and Power Strips: They can come in handy if your projector is not battery operated and a power outlet is not located nearby the placement area. Power strips with surge protection are a good choice as they can protect your projector from voltage fluctuations.
Projector Filters: Proper maintenance can go a long way in increasing the life span of your projector. Dust and smudges on your projector also deteriorate the image quality. In addition to electronic wipes, you could go for projector filters. These projector accessories need to be regularly changed after 300 hours of use. Most brands of projectors have their own range of projector filters.
Computer Hardware: Computer hardware accessories are very essential to connect the projector to a computer. An interactive whiteboard that connects to the projector and the computer helps you control it using a pen, stylus or even your finger. The list of computer hardware for projectors also includes cables that will help you attach the projector to the computer for a great viewing experience.

Popular brands for high-quality projector accessories

Video projector lamp
There are plenty of popular brands that sell projector accessories. We list below a couple of reliable brands for various projector accessories:

Projector Mounts: When you go for projector mounts from BenQ, Dell, Philips, HP, Sony or LG Electronics, you can be very sure of the quality and features of the product.
Projector Remotes: For user-friendly and sophisticated projector remotes, try BenQ, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Canon and NEC brands.
Projector Lamps: Philips, Sony, Sanyo, 3M, and Hitachi manufacture high-quality projector lamps that will last you really long.
Projector Cases: Mitsubishi, 3M, Sony, BenQ, Epson, Samsung and Sanyo projector cases will ensure that your projector is safe and ready for action always.
Projector Screens: Choose projector screens from 3M, Epson, Hurley, Planar, SmX, Screen Pro and LP Morgan.
Laser Pointers: If you’re looking for high-quality laser pointers, you may check out these projector accessories from Meade, Instapark, Beamshot, Apollo and Logitech.
Projector Filters: Projector filters from Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo, and Epson will keep your projector free from dust and smudges for a great image quality.

Projectors have undergone a lot of technical improvements and the right kind of projector accessories will go a long way in making any presentation a great experience.