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Printer Accessories


Printers are essential office and home office machines that allow you take hard copies of your electronic documents. However, for the printer to be able to give you the desired results, you need to have the right kind of printer accessories to go with it. Many of the printer accessories you buy will be specific to the type, brand, and model of your printer. What exactly are the printer parts and accessories that you’ll need, and how do you go about choosing them? This buying guide will help you to make all of the right choices.

All You Need to Know About Printer Accessories

Epson printer ribbonThe right printer parts and accessories can extend the utility and functionality of your printer and enable it to operate properly. For instance, a portable printer, such as the HP Officejet 100 Mobile Inkjet Printer, requires a lithium battery to power it. Because of this, a power supply device or a replacement battery can be termed as a printer part and accessory. For high-quality printouts, superior paper is as much a necessity as is the toner or cartridge. Moreover, if there’s no cable connecting the printer to the computer, it is almost impossible to instruct the printer. Therefore, a printer cable is also an essential printer accessory, unless, of course, you have a wireless printer, such as those produced by Epson and Brother, which will use some of the modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Infrared, or even Wi-Fi.

Some people may even consider a stand to be included as a printer accessory since the printer should ideally be rested on an appropriate surface for optimum results. However, you won’t need a separate stand if there’s adequate space on your computer desk for a printer. To sum up, printer accessories are some of the essential elements without which the printer can’t serve its complete purpose. You will find that many of the accessories that you need will be supplied but over a period of time, you may need to replace some of them.

Tips for Choosing the Right Printer Parts

Printer cleaner sprayThere are many different varieties and brands of printers on the market. From portable printers to photo printers, and monochrome printers to multi-function printers, it is important to buy accessories that are compatible with the model that you have. Here are some of the accessories you may need:

Toners/cartridges: An inkjet printer uses an ink cartridge, while a laser printer functions with a toner. So, depending on your printer type you’ll choose between these two ink supplies. Further to this, however, you also need to be aware that many of the toners and cartridges are brand and model specific.

Printer paper: You will find that there are different types of paper specifically targeted for certain printers. For example, the paper that is recommended for use with a laser printer will enhance the absorption of the toner for a better result.  Some printer manuals specify the types of paper to be used with the particular printer model for best results. The reality is, however, that some standard paper types will work well with both inkjet and laser printers and it’s simply a case of personal preference. An example of this is high-quality artwork or photos when you should go for high-quality, glossy paper.

Power supply and batteries: If you have a portable printer, you will need batteries, and these could be either the rechargeable variety or alkaline batteries. Other printers will simply use a power supply cable.

Printer cables: Like other printer parts and accessories, printer cables need to be compatible with the brand and model you have at home.

Stands: There are a variety of printer stands on the market and they range in styles from the purely functional to the more ornate, which will look perfectly at home among your other furniture.

Aspects to Consider While Opting for Accessories

Ink supplies, in general, are considered to be expensive with toners costing more than ink cartridges. For many people who prefer laser printers, this inconvenience is outweighed by the fact that they are much faster and you will get more printed pages per toner than with an ink cartridge.

It is also possible to reduce costs by buying generic refills. Unfortunately, manufacturers such as Epson recommend that you stick with their products in order to avoid poorer quality printed material and damage to your printer which would void any warranty.

Paper prices vary enormously depending upon the brand, quality and weight, but this is matter of personal preference and the intention of the printing.

The bottom line is that when choosing printer parts and accessories, you may sometimes have to compromise between price and quality, but there are some ways to make sure that you minimize costs. These include making sure that the feed is clear so the paper will run through smoothly without becoming crumpled and unusable. Small fonts, minimizing bold fonts, and proofreading and previewing what you are about to print are some of the basic ways to ensure that you don’t waste ink and paper. If feasible, you may even adjust the printer settings to print in grayscale in order to save ink. While printing rough drafts, change the settings to ‘draft’ mode to save ink, too. These simple tips will ensure that you can extract the most from your printer accessories.

We hope that this guide gives you a better idea of what to look for when you are shopping for printer accessories. You will be able to find what you are looking for on Kelkoo.com, and you can compare the prices from our online retailers to make sure that you get the best deal possible.