Clock Radios


Philips clock radioStarting your day refreshed and on time is an integral part of the working week. While many people use their smartphone in lieu of a more traditional bedside clock, you just can’t beat the convenience today’s modern clock radios can offer you.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to overall functionality. With built-in iPod docks, DAB radio, CD players and even lighted projectors, choosing what type of clock radio is for you can be tricky! We help you narrow down the field by going over the various models and manufacturers to ensure you get the most for your money.

Tradition is important
Traditional alarm clocks still have their place in your home. You can rely on them to tell time and have an alarm and snooze button to help you wake on time. Whether you prefer a digital read-out or a large numbered clock face, difference between models are down to price and aesthetics. Because these types of clocks rely on batteries or a quick manual wind of a dial, they’re a great choice for guestrooms or for when you travel.

The next step up
Here, we get into clock radios. The range of types and styles is quite vast. Simple models offer an AM/FM radio, while the more sophisticated radios will have super sleek styling, DAB, a weather station and maybe even superior speakers for quality sound. Bose, Philips and La Crosse offer excellent models in this range.

If you want your clock radio to do a bit more than just tell time and look good, seek out projection alarm clocks that will project the time on the ceiling above your head to let you know time it is without ever rolling over. You can also find sound machine clocks that not only help you get up in the morning, they also soothe you with ambient noises (ocean, wind, whalesong) to assist you in drifting off to sleep at night.

Yamaha TSX-W80 clock radioSo nice, it’s almost like a personal stereo system
CD player clock radios have been around for ages and are still sold today. But if you’re more of an MP3 kind of person, a few makes of alarm clocks have been paired off with an