Beliani is the #1 Internet Design Furniture Retailer. We sell designer rattan garden furniture, sofa, beds, whirlpools and a lot more. We offer you a right of return of 30 days and also pay back all transportation costs!

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John Dobie wrote a review 4 years ago

Overall rating: 1

We bought this. Our problems started before the furniture even arrived. Here are some quotes from trying to track the delivery. 'Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately our shipping company doesn't work with public tracking numbers.' 'The delivery company should contact you to confirm the date and time of delivery. Unfortunately, not all delivery drivers do that' Things went from bad to worse in the first month. The bars holding the main long bench buckled. The covers ripped. The glass holders on the tables broke. Several of the feet broke off This furniture is just used by my family, with the eldest child being 7. It should not have broken. The steel is far too thin, make your own mind up by looking at the damage here. Beliani point blank refused to do anything. They offered us another sofa for £400. So much for the 30 day no quiblle guarantee. Here's their exact quotes about how we must have damaged it. 'probably you put too much weight on the sofa' 'This is decorative furniture only it's not for parties' 'You must have sat down too fast. Weight times Speed produces more force.' We got fed up and put the transaction into dispute with our credit card company. Don't buy this.

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