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List Your Products on Kelkoo

Kelkoo is one of the largest online shopping search engine in the UK!

With a reach of over 10 million unique users every month, thousands of online retailers are benefiting from showing their products on Kelkoo.

Kelkoo is one of the top destinations for shopping in the UK, following Amazon and Ebay for volume of visits - Hitwise.

"Kelkoo is one of the top 10 most influential websites of the decade" - Nielsen.

Why wait? Advertise your products on Kelkoo!

Sign Up Today! - Email: uk-sales@lists.kelkoo.com

Kelkoo's shopping partners - helping to promote your products.

Advertising on Kelkoo means that your products will also appear on our partner sites, including:

Yahoo! UK and Ireland GMTV Loot Tiscali Price Terrier Independent Virgin Media Nuts

For more product exposure for your products contact a Kelkoo representative today! - Email: uk-sales@lists.kelkoo.com

Kelkoo Europe's leading shopping search engine.

Kelkoo currently operates in 12 countries internationally and attracts 32 million unique visitors. To see how Kelkoo can help promote your company in other countries contact our International Sales Manager.

Kelkoo's frequently asked questions.

Does it cost to get my products listed?

Kelkoo only charges you when a user clicks through to your site after choosing one of your offered listings. Each category has a different minimum cost.

Your offers and shop will appear more prominently depending on popularity, relevancy and the price you pay.

How do I get my products listed?

  • Product feed upload
    For free we will help you produce a file, in a specific format, that can be updated and uploaded each night.

  • Kelkoo Spider
    For a fee we can scan your site and collect your offers, then list them on Kelkoo*.

*Kelkoo Spider - With this method Kelkoo cannot guarantee perfect listings for every product.

Contact a Kelkoo representative for more information - Email: uk-sales@lists.kelkoo.com