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Kelkoo have commissioned a study into Budget Airline costs to see if they really are cheaper. The study compared over 5,000 air fares on 192 airline routes, focusing on countries with the biggest low cost operators.

Budget vs Conventional Airlines

Budget vs Conventional Airlines 1. Even after any additional fees budget airlines can be up to 39% cheaper than conventional airlines from the UK

2. However low-cost airlines can often make up the price with additional costs such as charging for hold baggage, food and assigning a seat, which can sometimes make up 30% of the total fare compared to 4% from conventional airlines

3. The difference between budget and conventional airfares varies more with international flights than it does for domestic flights

Factors to consider before purchasing your flight

1. DEPARTURE - Check that the price to your chosen destination is not cheaper from another departure point

2. BOOK EARLY - our research has shown that booking your flight 9-10 weeks before the departure date could save you up to 56% on the base fare (not including any extras)

3. TIMING - we all know that flight prices go up around school and public holidays, but you can avoid this by traveling at different times of the day when the demand is lower - avoid early morning or late night flights as this is when business customers usually fly
Factors to consider before purchasing your flight

4. FLIGHT SCHEDULE - check how many scheduled flights each airline sends to that destination, the more flights the lower the price and this will vary from airline to airline

Watch out for hidden extras

Factors to consider before purchasing your flight Although an airfare can initially appear to be a bargain, some of these hidden extras could cost you and extra £100 or more. Look out and do your research!
Standard extras can include:
- Online check-in
- Food and drink
- SMS confirmation
- Priority boarding
- Assign a seat
- Bagage check in
- Sports equipment
- Credit card payments

Also double check the destination airport - you might find it is a long and expensive transfer from the airport to your hotel!
Compare Prices