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Calling all gaming fanatics! It's now less than a month away from the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS - the latest in portable gaming consoles. Available in Aqua Blue or Classic Black, the Nintendo 3DS is set to revolutionise the portable gaming market.

So, what's all the fuss about? How does the Nintendo 3DS differ from the Nintendo DS or DSi? And what Nintendo games will be available for the 3D gaming console? We've picked out the key features of the new Nintendo 3DS.
Nintendo 3DS

3D Screen

Gaming will never be the same again. Using the large top screen of the Nintendo 3DS, you can immerse yourself into the vivid and convincing 3D effects, without the need for glasses. Soon you'll have characters from Nintendo games, such as Mario and Pokemon jumping out of the screen.

3D Depth Slider

The Nintendo 3DS comes with 3D Depth Slider;allowing you to alter the level of 3D effect whenplaying Nintendo games, so that it is comfortablefor your eyes. You can even turn off the 3D effects completely (recommended for children under six years old).
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS Camera

Photos in 3D

The portable gaming console comes with 3 cameras - one inner and two outer cameras - mimicking the human eye. Using the Nintendo 3DS Camera application you can now take photos in full 3D. You can also put yourself in the game with the new Mii Maker. Simply take a picture with the Nintendo 3DS Camera and the Mii Maker application automatically generates your Mii character. You can then use your character when playing Nintendo games.

Motion Control

Taking on existing gaming consoles like Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo 3DS is the world's first portable games console with motion control. Tilt the console to the left - and the Nintendo games tip to the left too. Move it up or down and the Nintendo 3DS games respond immediately.
Nintendo 3DS Joystick
Nintendo 3DS Card

Backwards Compatible

If you've been addicted to the Nintendo DS since its initial launch, you needn't worry about not being able to play your old Nintendo games because the Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible. Any existing games can only be viewed in 2D though.

Loads of 3D games

The launch of the Nintendo 3DS gaming console is supported by an exciting range of Nintendo-published 3D games, plus the widest ever 3-party launch line up of Nintendo Games. With 20 games available on or near the launch, including nintedogs + cats, the Sims and Resident Evil all in stunning 3D - there's bound to be something for all gaming fanatics.
Nintendo 3DS games
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