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Bedding Buyer's guide

Created on March 2010 - by EditPlace Bedding buying guide

We spend an average of 1/3 of our time sleeping and one in every two Europeans suffers from back pain. Good sleep is essential to one’s well-being. If you want a good night's sleep, you might just as well need to find yourself the right bedding. So before you lie down to relax, spend few moments to find everything you need to get that good night sleep.

Learn how to choose the bedding to suit your needs, your size and your body. Know what questions to ask while buying your bedding, and find what accessories are essential. This guide will help you find the bed of your dreams.

1 - Finding the bed of your dreams

The latex, excellent for your back

If you suffer from back pain or lumbar pain, choose the latex filling. Latex in particular is known for its flexibility and elasticity. Latex mattresses fit your body snugly and offer you very good support. To make it more comfortable, pair it with a slatted frame. It will ensure a good night sleep for you.

  1. All latex beds
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  2. Latex single beds
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  3. Latex double beds
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Natural wellness for the allergic

If you are allergic to mites, ticks, dust or feather, choose a mattress with natural material filling. You can choose from cashmere, silk, linen, cotton and even bamboo. Make sure the mattress has undergone an antibacterial treatment. Combine it with a slatted base; they have an advantage of being more elevated compared to the spring models. The elevation allows you to clean under the bed more easily and remove any traces of dust found.

  1. Cotton mattresses
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  2. Silk mattresses
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  3. cashmere mattresses
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Difference in weight? Bid on independence

If your spouse has a morphological index very different from yours, or if he/she moves a lot in their sleep, you can choose for these two possibilities: You can choose two independent mattresses, connected by a zipper or a Velcro band. It is the ideal solution to guarantee you total independence while sleeping. And if you prefer a single mattress, try the pocket spring mattress: the use of different springs will ensure that you do not feel the movements of the person sleeping next to you.

  1. All pocket spring mattresses
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  3. Double pocket spring mattresses
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Relaxation bed for voracious readers

Relaxation beds in particular offer you a distinctive advantage in that you can elevate them as desired, both manually and electrically. They are ideal for those who like to read, watch television or have breakfast in bed. Relaxation mattresses fold to compliment the movements of the bed lift.

  1. All adjustable beds
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  2. Electric adjustable beds
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  3. Single adjustable beds
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Quiet and peaceful nights with memory form mattresses

If you have troubles falling asleep, or if you turn a lot while sleeping, you need a memory form mattress. It is made up of “intelligent” foam that automatically realigns to maintain the cushion effect when you shift positions. The viscoelastic foam in such mattresses is a revolutionary sleeping technology that relieves pressure points and helps you sleep better at night

  1. Memory form mattresses
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  2. Memory form pillow
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  3. All memory form bedding
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Combine comfort and firmness with futon

If you host guests from time to time, opt for a futon. You can use it as a sofa during other days offering you an interesting combination of design and use. However, unless you are accustomed to sleeping on a futon, and have a very good model, it is inadvisable to use the futon regularly.

  1. Single futons
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  2. Double futons
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  3. All futons
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2 - Buying tips for hassle-free nights

Between slats and bamboo: everything that really counts in choosing your bedding

  • - Big or small: the size of the mattress

    If you sleep alone, a bed measuring 90 x 200 cm should be sufficient. For two, sizes vary between 140 and 200 cm in width and between 190 and 200 cm in length. The standard double bed mattresses sizes are 140 x 190, 140 x 200 and 160 x 200. For rooms smaller than 10m ², it is advisable to have the dimensions not exceeding 140 x 190 cm. The length of your bedding should be tailored to your size: Have an extra 15 or 20 cm to ensure comfort. If you measure 1 m 80, choose a mattress which is 2 m long.

  • - Material and firmness: everything about your mattress

    The foam mattress embraces your body and guards your spine. The more the density is important to you, the more firm should be the foam used. Density is measured in kg / m³. The usual mattress density ranges from 75 to 83 kg / m³. There are different types of spring mattresses. Their strength varies depending on the number of springs used in the mattress. The more the number of springs, the better and firm the mattress.

  • - From cotton to silk: the mattress lining

    The mattress can be lined with wool, cotton, silk, foam etc. Natural fibres like cotton, linen or bamboo regulate the temperature of the mattress. Besides, they offer an excellent moisture transfer and guarantee hygiene.

  • - Want to give your mattress the perfect bed-base?

    To choose your bed frame, you should take into account your mattress. For example, a boxspring frame can only be combined with a spring mattress, while a slatted bed may be used with all types of mattresses.

Never forget: the details that make the difference

  • - Electric or manual: the mattress lift

    Some mattresses can be elevated manually or electrically. There are models with 3 or 5 adjustment levels. You can elevate the upper half of the bed to read or elevate the lower half if you suffer from circulatory problems.

  • - Independent sleeping space

    Some mattresses can be also manufactured with two different levels of hardness to suit the morphology of each of the two people using one of such mattresses. The stronger the mattress, the less you feel the movement of the other person sleeping besides you. There are also independent mattresses, interconnected by a hanging system.

  • - Every season counts: winter side / summer side

    For more comfort, most mattresses are equipped with a winter side (the side with the manufacturer's label) and a summer side (the side without the label). Enjoy the pleasant warmth on your winter side and allow the summer side to take care of the regulation of your sweat providing you all the freshness you need.

3 - Enhancing your sleeping experience: the accessories

The warmth of the feather beds

They are an ultimate comfort accessory for your winter nights. They are available in synthetic or feather fillings, offering you excellent warmth.

The pillows: your perfect partner by your side

Choose the firmness of your pillow according to your sleeping position. The synthetic pillow is hypoallergenic and provides perfect softness to sleep on your back or your stomach. The natural pillow (down and small sized feathers) allows you to regulate the temperature: heat in winter and cold in summer. The ergonomic pillow can be made of latex or viscoelastic foam and are suitable for people who sleep on their side.

Down under: the bed legs

They elevate your bed giving you extra storage space and allowing for an easy vacuuming under the bed. Consider also the ones with wheels, to move your bed without any difficulty. Also known as bed raisers, you can find them in wood, steel, square, round and other shapes.

Up above: the mattress toppers

Mattress toppers are used on top of the mattresses to boost comfort. The bamboo mattress toppers allow good air circulation. They therefore offer a feeling of freshness when you lie on them.

For the final touch: mattress protection

The mattress must be protected by at least a sheet and an under sheet washable in high temperature avoiding any spots and preventing any premature wear of the drill.

4 - En savoir plus

Buyers Guide

Which bedding is right for you?

Which bedding is right for you?

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