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Improve your listings and increase conversions

Kelkoo has pulled together a check list below of helpful Hints and Tips to maximise your listings potential.

Don't let your competitors get the upper hand - have a quick check below to see if you can improve your listings, drive more consumers to your site and increase your sales conversions.

Push Your Brand:

  1. Provide a clear company logo
    For your store information page and also for display against each offer, logos are resized to 80x24 on Kelkoo.

  2. Provide a brief description of your site
    For your store information page and any relevant details about payment or returns policies etc (that are displayed on the store information page).


  1. Include an image for each of your offers

  2. Images must relate to the product on offer
    Do not use an advert or company logo, as consumers are put off by these tactics. Not all consumers read the descriptions of offers and are more interested in seeing a good image. This can also appear more professional.

  3. Do not include a "no image" image or generic image
    If an image of the offer is unavailable, Kelkoo will add its own default images for offers and in some cases can match images of actual products that are on offer.

  4. Images must be sharp and not blurry
    Consumers will have more faith in merchants that provide clear images.

  5. Images should be on white background
    Where possible, try to ensure the offer images are on a white background. Products tend to stand out more on the Kelkoo site when on a white background.

  6. Images should not have borders
    Kelkoo adds its own style borders around images and resizes images. Therefore, if you add borders, you will have less space to display online the product on offer.

  7. Images to have correct URL/location
    In some cases, Kelkoo shows a "no image available" message because the location of the image is incorrectly added.


  1. Offers must be deep-linked to actual product on your site
    Don't link to your home page. Consumers come to the Kelkoo site to review products and to compare the prices and features of a wide range of products.

  2. Ensure the correct URL and hyperlinks are used
    Consumers become frustrated when they have been sent to an incorrect product or if the hyperlink is broken.

Title and Descriptions:

  1. Limit use of capital letters
    It may stand out but it looks unprofessional and can be seen as a sign that you are shouting aggressively!

  2. Maximise the character space in both titles and descriptions
    Do not use unnecessary characters or wording.

  3. Use the correct available fields
    Delivery Message, Warranty etc have their own fields - use them and not just the title and description.

  4. Include Warranty information
    Do this even if its one year manufacturer warranty - not everyone in the UK is aware that all electrical equipment comes with one year manufacturer warranty and consumers want to feel they have this security.

  5. Include delivery costs, stock availability and timings
    Consumers want to know if it's in stock but also how much the delivery is going to be and how long they could expect to wait. "Check site for delivery costs" doesn't help when looking to improve conversions to sale.

  6. Include product name, colour, model number etc in the title
    Think about how a consumer would search for the product.

  7. Use the description field wisely
    Describe the offer clearly in the form of a sentence, not a list of keywords. Do not use unnecessary characters or wording.

Consumer Confidence:

  1. Consumers want to know that shopping with you is going to be safe
    Check out the IMRG web site and get ISIS approved. ISIS (Internet Shopping is Safe) is run by the e-retail industry body, IMRG and backed by the UK Government - http://www.imrg.org.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Review technical specifications
    Make sure you categorise your offers correctly for the Kelkoo site as they may have changed since you submitted your feed.


  1. Generate real customer feedback
    Improve your online services, with Kelkoo's post-purchase reviews. For more information, contact your account manager.

  2. Give us your feedback
    We welcome your feedback on what you'd like improved on Kelkoo.